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Alcoholism, family and marriage

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
IT IS unrealistic to believe some bad habits about your partner will change after marriage.
It is best to accept to live with such bad habits instead of convincing yourself that those habits will go away when the two of you get married.
A man married a woman who loved her drink and socialising.
He hoped that she would change once they were married but this was far from the truth.
During courtship, the man would complain about her drinking habits and she would always promise to change.
Her drinking got to a point where she became an alcoholic.
Whenever the husband gave her money to buy household requirements, she would divert most of the money towards buying alcohol.
What resulted was that the woman’s bad habits began to be felt in the home.
The children would skip school whenever their father was out of town because their mother would not wake up in time to drop them off.
They also lacked proper meals and that motherly care as the mother was always up and about hoping from one pub to the next.
It took a lot of counselling for the woman to accept that she was an alcoholic and needed help.
She had put the family under a lot of strain.
The husband’s family advised that he walks out together with the children but the husband’s concern was that if he did that, the bottle would kill her.
Regardless, he did not want to lose the mother to his children and promised to do whatever it took to help straighten the wife’s life.
It was a struggle as the woman would be off the bottle for a few days and later return, it was an addiction. She had to go to a rehabilitation centre where she managed to finally stay away from alcohol.
Today, she is one of those women who gives a talk to those addicted to alcohol not to take lightly the signs of always wanting to have a drink. For her, she says it started with a casual drink and thereafter, one thing led to another.
Looking back, she also regrets the amount of money she wasted and wished she had channelled it into something more productive. She is also thankful for her supportive husband and children though she feels she abused their patience.
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