Alarming stories of sexual abuse on the street

WORLD Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) country director Nachilala Nkombo (right) with WWF government relations and strategic partner¬ships manager Isabel Mukelabai shortly after appearing before a parliamentary committee. PICTURE: SHIKANDA KAWANGA

THE harsh reality of sexual abuse experienced by young women and girls on the streets can make your skin crawl.
Twenty-year-old Anna Banda, who has lived most of her life on the streets of Lusaka and who has now become a leader of street kids, has a story to tell.
Anna’s life on the streets first started when she began escorting her grandmother to beg for food.
Over the years, the young girl got the skill to beg such that she no longer needed her grandmother to go with her.
Anna begged on the streets until such a time that her grandmother died, and with nowhere to live, the young girl was forced to move into a one-room house, popularly known as mudadada (semi-detached).
She shared this accommodation with other girls she got to know in Misisi Township who introduced her to a life of prostitution.

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