Agro-dealers wrecking e-voucher

THE warehouse for Kebiola Enterprises Limited was found closed as farmers waited hopelessly.

KALOMO is one of the productive farming communities that contribute significant quantities of beef and maize to Zambia’s food basket.
Residents of this Southern Province district mainly survive on crop and livestock production.
In this rural district, many are able to send their children to school, including at tertiary level, because their wealth is in cattle, goats, livestock and, of course, cash crops such as maize,tobacco, beans, groundnuts, cowpeas and soya beans.
In the past five years, Kalomo, a district of 239,782 people, has been surpassing other Southern Province districts in terms of crop production, according to data from the district agriculture and commercial shows.
Kalomo District Commissioner Cosmas Chiiba confirmed this.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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