Agritech Expo attracts 200 exhibitors

ZAMBIA National Farmers Union (ZNFU) says the Agritech Expo presents an opportunity for farmers and agro-dealers to share best practices on how to improve farmer productivity and production.

And Musika Development Initiative says Zambia’s agriculture sector has become a technology-driven industry bolstered by the hosting of the Agritech expo in Chisamba.
Speaking ahead of the event that will take place from April 27 to 30 this year, ZNFU acting executive director Ellah Chembe said over 200 local and international exhibitors have confirmed participation.
“This will be the fourth Agritech Expo, and our dream is to make it the biggest agriculture business to business expo in the region.
“The number of international pavilions has increased to six, and there will be 40 countries, and this is another opportunity for farmers and other stakeholders to share best practices to result in increased productivity,” she said.
Ms Chembe said the Expo will also open new pathways in agriculture and will offer solutions to addressing some of the challenges faced by farmers.
“This can be in crops, livestock, aquaculture or indeed pestilences that have lately affected agriculture. The events will also offer opportunity to perceive agriculture as business that should be planned in the long term and not as a quick fix.
“Agriculture can help finding solutions in addressing food security locally and regionally and as a vehicle to lift the majority out of poverty,” she said.
And Musika Zambia director for strategy Rob Munro said for the agricultural industry to remain competitive on a regional and international level, and to further develop as an engine of economic growth, there is need for all actors within the industry to keep pace with technological advancements.
“Agritech expo plays a critical role in this process, concentrating an enormous range of technologies into one event attended by a wide range of agricultural interests.
“From the commercial farming corporation seeking to improve productivity and efficiencies with the latest equipment or management software to the small farmer seeking to graduate from hoe farming or looking for improved seed and fertiliser inputs, Agritech covers the entire range of opportunities and has facilitated a huge number of investments across the sector,” he said.


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