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DORIS Gumbo -third left- with other members of the team

A FEMALE employee of Liquid Telecom has dropped her internal age by 12 years after she participated in a wellness programme introduced to the company by Morningstar Clinic.
And Liquid Telecom chief executive officer Mark Townsend said productivity at the company has skyrocketed after employees participated in the programme, which dropped their internal ages by five and 12 years in three months.
Internal age refers to age of the inner body system and internal organs, including their functionality.
Internal age can be modified or reduced by lifestyle changes and exercise, unlike the actual age.
Doris Gumbo, whose internal age was much higher than her biological years, said her internal age reduced by 12 years in three months.
“When I found out my internal age was higher than my biological age, I felt scared because I didn’t realise the importance of CLICK TO READ MORE

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