‘Against all Odds’ impress Kirkus Review magazine

THE New York-based Kirkus Review magazine is impressed with Zambian author Anthony Mukwita for bringing out the ‘political genius’ of President Lungu in his recently published book.

Mr Mukwita’s book is titled ‘Against all Odds: Zambia’s President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s Rough Journey to State House’.
The magazine has stated that Mr Mukwita’s book has also succeeded in introducing the lawyer-turned-politician to the world as a major political player of special note, even though previously unknown beyond the Zambian borders.
This is contained in a latest review posted on the Kirkus Review website.
“Mukwita locates in this abnegation the seeds of Lungu’s genius. Throughout Lungu’s political career, it was hard to see him coming but that was always his secret weapon,” Kirkus Reviews says.
The magazine is, however, quick to note that the author did justice to both the main character and opposition whom he generally treated well.
President Lungu’s devotion to religion is not lost by the New York-based reviewer that takes the liberty to describe him as a staunch Christian.
“The subject’s favourite book must inevitably be the Bible, and the figure—Lungu—must possess no over-riding hunger for power, just a steady drive to do what’s best for the country,” Kirkus observes.
Despite what Kirkus notices as general and natural ‘limitations’ in Mr Mukwita’s book, the magazine says his efforts have paid off.
The magazine says Mr Mukwita’s book on Zambia’s sixth President is “a fond but clear-eyed look at a steady leader and the African nation (Zambia) on his shoulders”.


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