‘Against All Odds’ breaks sales records

AGAINST all Odds, the book written by Zambian diplomat Anthony Mukwita around the political life of President Lungu, broke sales records with one copy fetching up to K5,000, an upward adjustment from the normal K150 in bookstores.
The record was broken during an

auction conducted on the sidelines of the Meet the President fundraiser at Lusaka’s Government Complex on Saturday.
Mr Mukwita described the development as a clear indication that Zambians are in love with any literature that appeals to their daily lives.
“The interest in Against all Odds proves my deep belief that Zambians are interested in literature as long as it is interesting and relevant to their daily lives, like President Lungu’s story is a perfect literature case study,” he said.
The price of Against all Odds, Zambia’s President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s Rough Journey to State House spiked through the roof according to organisers after President Lungu autographed it.
The autograph instantaneously spiralled the book value upwards, making it a fulcrum of the sold-out evening event where VVIP tickets were snatched like hot cakes priced at K5,000, VIP K3,000, and ordinary ones at K1,000.
The President took time off his busy schedule to reconnect with his mostly youthful voter constituency.
The event also saw other memorabilia such as the President’s hats being auctioned.
Against all Odds, however, is a turning point in literature, according to the author, because, “unlike a piece of cloth, a book is something that enriches the one that owns it, and the knowledge henceforth is subsequently passed on from one generation to the next.”
Less than 100 copies remain available in Bookworld stores in Zambia albeit the political thriller is available on 78,000 online bookstores globally, including Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.
The book was published on January 5, 2017.


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