Afunika lights up show

AFUNIKA’S dancer in action.

SELF-PROCLAIMED king of new kalindula Afunika last Saturday was in Kabwe where he performed at the Kabwe District Agriculture and Commercial Show.Being the main performer at the one-day event held at President’s Stadium, Afunika had to put up his best performance like he did last year when he performed at the same event.
Supported by two female dancers, Afunika performed songs from his albums; Malinso, Wounded Buffalo, Ichimusebo and Isumbu.
The crew’s performance excited the audience which was dominated mainly by young people.
The crowd seemed to love the songs Kakonkote, Time, Wounded Buffalo, Moment of Time and Example the most.
His presence at the President’s Stadium changed the complexion of the Kabwe District Agriculture and Commercial Show.
With him, it would have just been business as usual.
But Afunika was not only the artiste to perform at the show; local artiste Maps (Elton Mulenga) also showed what he is made of.
He performed his signature song Njikate Kukuboko which most people in Kabwe are familiar with. This is the song that Kabwe Mayor Prince Chileshe adopted as his campaign song during the 2016 general elections.
But Maps also performed other songs like Doctor Wandi, Big Mama and Keka Keka.
Meanwhile, Shalawambe last Sunday staged their first live performance this year at a reception held at Cathedral of Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ in Kabwe.
Led by Emmanuel Dolenzy Kabwe, the band, now based in Kabwe, proved that they are still in business 33 years since its formation.
On Sunday, the audience led by cathedral administer Father Felix Kangwa was in a celebratory mood making it the perfect stage for Shalawambe to perform.
Shalawambe had Dolenzy on lead guitar, Timothy Mwape (rhythm and bass), Cletus Chisha (bass), Julius Kabwe and Chanda Julius (bass).
The band started with some covers including songs like Let It Be (Beatles), Dead Flowers (Rolling Stone), Hey Joe (Jim Hendrix) and Oye Como Va (Carlos Santana) before they came back home.
When they came back home, they performed Journey to Kasama by Jeff Mulenga and the Explosives and It’s Over Over by Jimmy.
Later, they performed their own songs.
“This is our first performance this year,” Kabwe said. “I remember the last time we performed live in public was last year on Independence Day.”

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