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Afunika launches ‘Isumbu’

NO WONDER he is the self-proclaimed king of new kalindula version because the latest album, Isumbu, is one of a rare kind, which even late PK Chishala could be proud of as it teaches society of morals while castigating vices.
Afunika, who is known to sing mostly about real life situations, is at it again in his 10-track album.
The Isumbu album was launched on December 12, 2015.
One of the notable songs is Akale, where he narrates how a man was looking forward to growing up, marrying and living a luxurious life.
He was enjoying life to the fullest as the guardians provided everything. But now that he has grown into a fine man, he has realised that life is not as easy as one would think. In part he says: “…ilelo ninkula naishiba ifibi ne fisuma. Kanshi ukulya bwino yalikosa?…” (Now that I have grown into an adult, I can differentiate between good and evil. I didn’t know that it takes hard work to live a comfortable life.)
The song, which is already hitting the airwaves on a number of radio stations, is educating the young ones to brace themselves for responsibilities as they grow into adulthood.
Afunika educates the young that life is not easy, hence they need to work hard if they are to succeed in their adult lives.
For all the women, Afunika dedicates Kitchen Party to them. He appreciates how they organise these kitchen parties but comically condemns the heavy drinking that takes place at the expense of teaching morals to the young women.
“…twipusheko uko ku kitchen party? Ba co-ordinator mwebaku kitchen party? Bushe finshi mufunda uko ku kitchen party? Nangula bwalwafye mukolwa uko ku kitchen party?… (Kitchen party co-ordinator, what exactly do you teach at these functions? Or is it simply a time for beer drinking?)
This is a must-song for all the women to listen to.
And for those people that want to reap where they did not sow in love relationships, Afunika tells them that Ilya Nshita yalipwa. He describes how some people try to cause confusions in other people’s relationships when they see them blossoming into success. This specifically goes to ex-love partners or those who deny marriage proposals when one is seemingly not succeeding in life, but want to go back when they see them succeeding.
Other notable tracks are Akabwelela Numa, Chakuti Utekanye, Foolish Father, title-track Isumbu, Manufacturer and Beautiful Ladies, where Afunika simply appreciates the Zambian women and talks of their importance.
Life is only complete with embracing love to one another, hence Afunika sings Feel Like, where he is expressing love for a partner. This song portrays a man who believes in love because he chose the right partner and everyday for him is like the first day he met his spouse. The song is ideal for spouses’ special occasions like anniversaries, birthday celebrations, etc.
As we heard into 2016, Isumbu is must-listening to album for inspiration on real life situations in the new version of kalindula genre.

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