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Afunika, B1 bring life to East Point

SHIKANDA KAWANGA, Ndola, Livingstone
WITH one of the leading local musicians Afunika announced as the performer at East Point Discotheque in Ndola, it was perhaps expected that it would be a full house, and the same can be said about the sister club in Livingstone where B1 was making an appearance last Friday.
This is just what the revellers want, a high-profile name in their backyard. And in Afunika and B1, they had perfect fits.
The moment Afunika made his way to the East Point Ndola stage, the fans went wild as they screamed for his name. And when he sang his songs, the audience sang along.
But he had only come on stage around midnight, before that, a series of local acts had kept the audience entertained although what they really wanted was Afunika.
But well, the audience could still afford to wait.
The first local act to get on stage was little-known female singer Easy-K who treated the audience to her single titled “Potential”. She did relatively well, and the audience was not disappointed.
She was followed by Shy P, a regular performer at East Point who equally did not need much introduction to those that frequent the club; he performed the songs “Freestyle” and “Bala”.
After him came Eazy Breezy, who sang Show Me Your Love and  Uyu Mwanakazi.
Just before Afunika came on stage, Yeyo Man sampled something from his forthcoming 15-track album he is calling  Makanika.
While that was happening in Ndola, in Livingstone revellers had filled East Point and patiently waited for B1 to perform his hit songs, and he did so, performing Mr Perfecto, Motoka, Sikiliti Ku Bed, Chipute, Pillow,  Sokola Bonzo and Kumanda.
Yet, that was not all; he also performed songs from his new album such as TB Joshua, Skirt Nakatenge, Chiloto, Chishala, and Lelo Iliko.
B1 was rather very late coming on stage for his performance, yet the fans did not seem to mind that much as they were prepared to wait for him.
Although in cases like that, it is generally the old songs that make sense, B1 was eager to promote some of his new material.
B1 is set to release a new album on October 24.
“This album will be out on the 24th of this month, it’s supposed to be an Independence [Day] album for the Zambian people,” he told the Weekend Mail in an interview after his performance.
The 20-track album is going to feature a lot of artistes who include Afunika, Petersen and Danny Kaya, among many others.
“I haven’t released an album in a long time; this album will have a lot of songs and will feature a lot of artistes. I speak for the people, hence the album has a lot of positive messages that people are going to love,” he said.

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