Letter to the Editor

African presidents must uncage the presidency

Dear editor,
I WRITE to implore African political party presidents, whether in the ruling or opposition, to uncage the office of the President.

My writing comes in the wake of so many complaints that are surrounding this office in as far as accessibility by the general populous is concerned.
Without realising it, most presidents have become inaccessible to their voters or/and supporters.
This has made the office, most times, lack valid information on the ground pertaining to the happenings in their various political parties.
Dr Kenneth Kaunda was, prior to the 1991 elections, still wrongly informed that he was popular and was going to win the elections by the few that surrounded the Presidency. Alas, the opposite was true.
The new NDC Copperbelt Province chairman Mulenga Chipoka and many others are equally believed to have ditched president Elias Chipimo Junior of NAREP because they were told to do so through a third party when advancing the party’s needs, when initially they were actually calling the president directly.
This is because the few that surround the presidency always want their way and are bound to mislead the president.
It is because of the aforesaid that I urge and actually appeal to African presidents to uncage themselves from these few opportunists and live up to their open-door political policy if they want to know the real truth on the ground.
When one is easily accessible by all, he or she is bound to know the truth on the ground and make correct decisions and at the right time.

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