Letter to the Editor

Africa is capable of developing

Dear editor,
I WRITE to enlighten my fellow youths on the misconception of Africa and the process of its development.
It surprises me when I hear an African saying that Africa will not develop.
Africa is capable of developing and it will definitely develop, but the reason why the process of development is taking long that we have many youths who think that Africa will just remain the same.
The majority of youths say that Africa will not develop, because youths are unable to work hard or start up something of their own due to laziness, lack of positive future plans, lack of creativity and overdependence on the state.
The above mentioned points are very true, but as well-meaning youths, let us not believe that Africa will not develop, simply because the majority are having a wrong mindset and are unable to think positively.
Instead let us take up the role of educating them about the importance of working hard, having positive future plans, being creative and stop the mentality of overdepending on the state.
Victory does not come by accident, positive change will only come about if we ourselves choose to implement it.
I believe and therefore urge everyone to keep on believing that a time will come when Africa will be called a developed continent. Thank you for your time.

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