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‘Advise children on importance of education’

Empowering youths with knowledge on sexuality

GOVERNMENT has advised parents and guardians to talk to their daughters on the importance of education as opposed to marriage, says Ministry of Gender permanent secretary Edwidge Mutale.
Ms Mutale said poverty mostly affects women and girls, which is why they need to be empowered through education.
Speaking at Kabulonga Girls Secondary School in Lusaka recently to commemorate the World Largest Lesson on Gender Equality, Ms Mutale said women and girls can achieve a lot in life once they stay away from illicit activities.
“The only thing most parents talk about is marriage when addressing girls. Parents should talk to their children on the importance of education and the dangers of engaging in illicit activities,’’ she said.
Meanwhile, Ms Mutale said Government is working hard to ensure that women and girls’ rights are upheld.
She said this is the reason Government introduced the low cut-off points for girls because girls are burdened with household chores as compared to boys.
Ms Mutale also said the construction of girl technical schools in all provinces is aimed at increasing the number of girls to be enrolled in schools.
And United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Zambia deputy representative Shadrack Omol said the World’s Largest Lesson campaign engages children and young people in the global effort to build a more sustainable future for every citizen.

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