‘Acquaint yourselves with dual citizenship clause’

Bwalya Nondo.

THE Zambian embassy in Turkey has urged diplomats to read and acquaint themselves with the provisions of the dual citizenship clause.

Zambia’s chargé d’affaires Bwalya Nondo said this will enable them to effectively educate Zambians resident in Turkey and countries of extra-accreditation on the benefits of the constitutional provision.
This is according to a statement issued by first secretary for press Jerry Munthali yesterday.
“It is important for diplomats to set into motion and elaborate the outreach programme to educate Zambians resident in Turkey on dual citizenship,” he said.
Mr Nondo said dual citizenship is one of the things that was being pushed for and that this was subjected to wider consultations to discuss the pros and cons before it was passed and made into law.
He said this during the monthly management staff meeting for diplomats at the Zambian chancery in Ankara yesterday at which the mission outlined a road map for an outreach programme aimed at informing Zambians resident in Turkey on the dual citizenship constitutional provision.
Mr Nondo also said the dual citizenship constitutional clause had a provision to allow Zambians in the diaspora to reclaim their citizenship, which they might have renounced.
“The document needs to be discussed in terms of how we can reach out to stakeholders about this development and to educate them,” Mr Nondo said.
He urged the diplomats to encourage Zambians resident in Turkey to read the Zambian Constitution for them to appreciate the benefits of dual citizenship such as the right to vote.
The Zambian mission in Ankara covers Georgia, Jordan, Macedonia and Azerbaijan on non-residential basis.

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