Letter to the Editor

Absentee MPs, councillors should be flushed out

Dear editor,
WITH 28 months remaining before the 2021 general elections, electorates must start taking stock of what the Members of Parliament (MPs) and councillors have done and how often they visit and hold public meetings in respective wards and constituencies.
We do not want leaders who hide behind their presidents, but those who stand on their own to initiate development projects and provide guidance and leadership.
We don’t want politicians who will come with a t-shirt, cap, chitenge material or drum of opaque beer urging people to vote for them with fake and far-fetched promises.
Why can’t councillors, mayors and MPs from all political parties emulate President Edgar Lungu? The man rarely rests as he goes round the country to check on development projects and interact with the electorate regardless of their affiliations.
President Lungu reminds me of King Sebitwane of the Kololo people, who left his beautiful and comfortable place to go and mix with the ordinary people in the kingdom.
Come 2021, the electorate must not entertain absentee and ‘busy’ leaders.

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