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A Christmas to remember

IT’S CHRISTMAS again, I am sure Santa Claus is somewhere in the hood making some people’s dreams come true.
Of course, people in the hood dream of good things every day and night depending on what they need at a given time.
If one wants to marry, he or she dreams of walking down the aisle, and if one wants a Christmas to remember he or she dreams of Santa Claus with those gifts in small packages.
Needless to say, the best things come in small packages from Santa Claus this time around.
But if you are expecting large packages like opaque Shake Shake beer from Santa Claus, don’t follow where he is distributing sweets to children. You might just embarrass him.
Obviously, the Christmas spirit is everywhere in the hood making everyone heighten their expectations. Even thieves in the hood expect to receive gifts from cops and vice versa.
This is the time when even the heavily indebted individuals expect to receive gifts from someone, including their creditors.
Inmates also expect to receive gifts this festive season, of course, not from prison authorities.
Besides, inmates do not receive ex gratia payments, which is a sum of money paid when there is no obligation or liability to pay it.
Those who have received ex gratia payment this festive period must consider themselves lucky. The English say, half a loaf is better than nothing.
If you see some of my colleagues staggering all the way to the bar counter today, just know that ex gratia is at work.
Like I said, expectations are high in the hood this festive period. No-one wants to be left out from the shopping spree, even loan sharks in the hood know it.
I bet they have even increased their lending rates taking advantage of the festive period, talk of exploitation of man by man.
Of course, this is the only time that most people would want to take a break from eating impwa, bondwe and kapenta.
This is also the time that you will always receive requests from relatives asking you if they could come and spend their Christmas at your home.
Whoever said Christmas is a time of joy obviously didn’t have any relatives visiting.
But you can’t blame people in the hood for expecting too much, after all Christmas is meant to show love to one another as we also remember the birth of Jesus Christ.
Of course, Christmas comes once a year, but the bills come every day, which is why most people in the hood want to forget about their problems even if it means just for a day.
However, whatever the needs, we need to remember the true meaning of Christmas.
Christmas is not really a time for overindulging – but pondering on the birth of Jesus Christ our saviour.
Remember that at the heart of the Christmas story is baby Jesus our personal saviour.
In other words, Christmas is the opportunity to worship God because He has humbled Himself and appeared in human form to save us.
Even as you spend money on merrymaking, be sure to worship God this day and to pronounce good news of the birth of his son Jesus Christ.
Definitely, this is the best way to remember Christmas even when everyone gathers around the elaborately decorated Christmas tree and the room is bathed in festive lighting.
Let your mind focus on baby Jesus and you can simply forget about your everyday worries for He is born to save you.
I sound like a preacher, don’t I?
Anyway, regardless of whether Christmas is a religious or more of a cultural celebration to others, you can’t escape its magic.
So, Merry Christmas to you.

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