Letter to the Editor

A big thank you Trade Kings

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to commend Trade Kings Group for its generosity by complementing Government’s fight against cholera.

During this period, Trade Kings Group has rebranded as a charity in its attempt to save lives.
Trade Kings, through its foundation has offered 1.2 million bottles of chlorine to be manufactured and donated to Ministry of Health to help fight cholera.
On Thursday, the company donated 400 cases of chlorine which were distributed to the cholera epicentres.
This has demonstrated that the company values human life.
Mind you, profit-oriented individuals and companies are taking advantage of the cholera epidemic by queuing to be suppliers of some of the products Trade Kings is giving out free or indeed increasing prices of their products such as sanitisers at the expense of the people at risk.
The gesture by Trade Kings truly rhymes with its motto ‘Improving Lives.’
Indeed, TogetherWeCanDefeatCholera.

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