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88,000 replace voters cards

CLOSE to 90,000 eligible voters have replaced their voters’ cards countrywide in an exercise done in light of the January 20 presidential election.
Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) public relations manager Cris Akufuna said in a statement released yesterday that 88,567 people had their cards replaced.
The replacement exercise done from December 28, 2014 to January 3,2015 was conducted in the 10 provinces.
Central had 6,360 replacements; Copperbelt had 13,743; Northern had 5,799; Luapula had 7,093; and Eastern had 5,544.
In North Western Province 6,737 people replaced their cards; Southern had 16,343; Western had 4,570; Muchinga had 2,916 and Lusaka had 19,462.
The exercise was to enable the electorate have voters’ cards for use in the January 20, 2015 election.

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