8 MMD councillors defect to PF

EIGHT MMD councillors in Mafinga district have defected to the Patriotic Front (PF).
The councillors have written to Mafinga Member of Parliament (MP) Catherine Namugala to also join PF.
Mafinga ward councillor Geoffrey Sikaonga, who spoke on behalf of the eight councillors, said he and his colleagues have decided to join PF because MMD no longer has structures in the district.
He also said the councillors have decided to join PF because it is effectively delivering development to the area.
“We have also appealed to our member of Parliament (MP) Catherine Namugala to also join us and to recontest her seat on the PF ticket if she wants to win elections in 2016,” he said.
Mafinga District Council has eight councillors, all from the opposition MMD.
The councillors have also decided to recontest their seats on the PF ticket.
Mr Sikaonga said PF has delivered development to Mafinga citing construction of a new road linking Isoka in Muchinga Province with Lundazi district in Eastern Province
“For us now in the PF, it will be very easy to market the ruling party because people in all the villages have seen for themselves development projects that have been brought by the PF,” he said.
Ms Sikaonga said the councillors will be officially communicating to PF secretariat over their decision to join the ruling party.
He also said the councillors have already started encouraging people in the villages to register as voters and to vote for PF in next year’s tripartite elections.
“We had 3,993 registered voters in Mafinga district but with our campaigns, we anticipate to see an increase in registered voters to over 5,000, and with this increase, we are confident of a landslide victory for the PF,” he said.
And Mr Sikaonga said the people of Muchinga Province only know PF.

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