78 Eastern Province police officers honoured

THE Zambia Police Service has conferred 78 police officers in Eastern Province with medals for bravery,   meritorious achievement, distinguished and long service.
Speaking during the commemoration of the Zambia Police Service Open Day yesterday, Eastern Province commissioner of police Eugene Sibote said a crime-free society is possible with a dedicated police service.
The categories of the medals are 11 for acts of bravery, 33 for meritorious achievements, another 33 for long service officers and one for distinguished service, which was conferred on deputy commissioner of police Patrick Bili.
“For us as Zambia Police, to achieve our target of a crime-free society, we must endeavour to discharge our duties diligently because failure to do so erodes public confidence in the system,” Mr Sibote said.
He urged police officers be of good character, to uphold the constitution and to protect citizens and property.
Mr Sibote said law enforcement has been part of humanity since pre-colonial times.
He also said ancestors depended on traditional authorities to maintain law and order in chiefdoms.
He said during colonial times, the colonial masters heavily depended on law enforcement to ensure control over the indigenous people while protecting their own interests.
Mr Sibote said, unlike in the colonial era where the police protected a minority or privileged few, every Zambian is now protected against any criminal activity.

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