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7 schools in Chibombo district receive secondary status

GOVERNMENT has in the last two years upgraded seven primary schools to secondary level in Chibombo district in the Central Province.
The primary schools that have been upgraded to secondary schools are Chiyuni, Chinyongola, Chibalambanyama, Mashikili, Keembe Girls, Kabiile and Kapululu.
Chibombo district has 80 government schools, eight private ones and seven community schools.
Headman Chivunda said the move will create an opportunity for children to have access to quality education.
A grade 12 pupil at Kamaila Secondary School, Blessed Nachalwe, said the upgrading of the schools is a milestone for pupils especially the girls, who were finding it a challenge to walk more than 10 kilometres daily to get to school.
Blessed said in an interview that Government should also consider constructing boarding schools in the area so that children can stop renting small houses near the schools.
Meanwhile, Chibombo district commissioner Barnabus Musupelo said the aim of upgrading the schools was to ensure that all children enjoy the right to secondary school education.
“The move has tremendously reduced on the distance children used to cover to get to the few secondary schools which already existed in the area,” he said.
Mr Musupelo said the district has three fully-fledged day secondary schools, namely Chibombo, Kapushi and Moomba.
He said the three schools have more than 50 teachers who are sufficient to cater for the already existing and upgraded schools.
“The only challenge we have right now is accommodation for our teachers, we have appealed to communities to supplement Government`s efforts through providing materials such as sand and moulding bricks to construct houses for teachers,” he said.
Mr Musupelo said Government has embarked on many other developmental projects such as health posts, roads and drainage systems in the district.

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