7 kids embrace as they die in petrol fire

WHAT was meant to be help from brother to brother turned tragic on Monday when petrol a Chongwe father was pouring from one container into another dripped onto a brazier and instantly sent the house into flames, killing seven children.
The Chongwe family members met their fate around 20:00 hours on Monday when the children’s father, Lawrence Muzolewa, was decanting petrol from a container so that he could give his younger brother who wanted to use it in his vehicle the following morning.
Mr Muzolewa and a 12-year-old boy survived the inferno but with severe burns and are admitted to Levy Mwanawasa Teaching Hospital.
The bodies of the children, who include a set of twins, are in Chongwe District Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem and burial. CLICK TO READ MORE

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