6 hunger-stricken villages get maize


THE Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has provided 30 metric tonnes of maize to six hunger-stricken villages in Siavonga, district commissioner Lovemore Kanyama has said.
Mr Kanyama said in an interview on Tuesday that the maize will be sold at K85 per 50 kilogramme bag.
Mr Kanyama said the communities to benefit from the food are Sianyolo, Chaanga, Matuwa, Siamwiinga, Bbakasa and Machavwa.
“I am happy that Government has come to the aid of our people who are hunger-stricken in about six villages by providing maize through the FRA. This is a new and positive development in alleviating the sufferings of the people,” he said.
Mr Kanyama said the maize will be sold at an affordable price because it is not coming from the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU).
He said the poor rainfall the country is facing has left many people in the six communities without food and the intervention by FRA will go a long way in lessening the hunger crisis.
And Mr Kanyama said the families of the Zambian fishermen arrested and jailed in Zimbabwe were recently turned back and prevented from seeing and giving their relatives food.
The families were cleared by the immigration departments from both Zambia and Zimbabwe but were shocked that the court authorities denied them access to their relatives.
He said the young Zambian fishermen are currently jailed at Zimbabwe’s Karoi Prison.
“It is unfortunate that our colleagues in Zimbabwe cannot allow these people to see their loved ones and give them some food,” Mr Kanyama said.
He said it is unfortunate that Zambians were turned away from Zimbabwe when a lot of Zimbabweans are trooping in and out of Zambia and freely trading in various businesses.

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