59 Mulungushi varsity students released

POLICE in Kabwe have released the 59 students at Mulungushi University who were arrested on Tuesday for rioting over the hike in tuition fees at the learning institution.

The irate students staged a class boycott on Tuesday and stoned vehicles over the increase in tuition fees by 6.5 percent.
They also destroyed two vehicles one belonging to university vice chancellor Hellicy Ng’ambi, demanding the immediate reduction in tuition fees.
Central Province commissioner of police Lombe Kamukoshi said in an interview yesterday that of the 59 students who were apprehended and later released, 15 were female.
And Province Minister Sydney Mushanga, his permanent secretary Chanda Kabwe and Ministry of Higher Education permanent secretary Owen Mgemezulu addressed the students yesterday.
Mr Mushanga said he had directed the police to release the arrested students and appealed to all of them to stop engaging in violent activities.
“I have directed that the students in police custody be released immediately, but I will not intervene for anyone who will be arrested from now on,” he said.
Mr Mushanga said the concerns raised by students have been noted and that Government will look into the matter.
“We understand your demand and something will definitely be done about it, but we have to follow procedure,” he said.
Mr Mushanga urged the students to adhere to his appeal to remain calm as the matter will be resolved.
And Mr Mgemezulu said students are intellectuals who should behave well.
Mr Mgemezulu said students should always endeavour to express their grievances to the university management in a mature manner without resorting to violence.


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