56 years of China, Zambia ties

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu with Chinese President Xi Jinping after the official opening of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Beijing. PICTURE: THOMAS NSAMA/ STATE HOUSE

ZAMBIA’S friendship with China dates back to the colonial days, when the country was still under British rule.
During Northern Rhodesia’s liberation struggle, China had already set its footprint in the country through a number of technical programmes.
This is the more reason why China was one of the first countries to forge diplomatic ties with Zambia, just a few days after independence on October 24, 1964.
Over the years, Zambia-China friendship and exchanges and cooperation in politics, economy, culture and other fields have kept on growing.
In the recent years, China’s support for infrastructural development has become very visible.
Winnie Chibesakunda is Zambia’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, and shares on how the bilateral friendship has evolved over the years.
Give a brief background about the establishment
of the embassy
The embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Beijing came into being when Zambia established diplomatic relations with China on October 29, 1964, few days after Zambia’s independence.
It should be noted that China supported Zambia’s liberation struggle and after Zambia’s independence, China continued its support to the country.
In this regard, China selflessly helped Zambia and Tanzania to build the 1,860-kilometre long Tazara railway from 1970 to 1976 (the biggest Chinese infrastructure development project outside China at the time).
Zambia and China have maintained close cooperation which has brought about significant progress and achievements in various fields.
In recent times, Zambia opened its consulate in Guangzhou in a bid to further facilitate enhanced trade and investment cooperation.
How have the political and economic relations between Zambia and China evolved over the years, and what economic benefits does Zambia derive from CLICK TO READ MORE

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