Letter to the Editor

498 forged certificates: Cheating pays not

Dear editor,
THE revelation by the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) that 498 teachers were found with forged documents is not only shameful but also sad.

When TCZ was being established some people were against it, saying it was a duplication of the Teaching Service Commission (TSC).
Now look at the important task the TCZ is doing to the teaching profession as stated in the Teaching Profession Act No. 5 of 2013.
Had it not been for the TCZ, Zambia would have continued having ‘teachers’ with forged certificates. According to the TCZ, some of these are holding senior posts in the education sector (ministry).
We have people with genuine papers who spent huge sums of money and sacrificed everything but are still teaching in classes while those with fake papers are holding big positions. Is this fair?
No wonder the work culture is bad because people don’t care since they never sweated for the papers they have.
The way forward: the system should clean up the mess now, investigate how /where they got the certificates from and replace them with genuinely qualified teachers.
Whether they will be prosecuted or not, it is now up to the employer to decide.
All in all cheating does not pay.

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