408 Empire insist on singles


COPPERBELT based music duo 408 Empire’s Y Celeb says the group has no plans of releasing an album anytime soon because of piracy levels.
Y Celeb (Webster Chikabala) is the founder of the music duo that has recorded over 20 singles, including hits like Kulechitana, St Anne and also Olo Olo.
He told the Weekend Mail in Livingstone that he they are grateful to Zambians for accepting their type of music which even accorded them the opportunity to grace a bigger audience at the Mosi Day of Thunder.
“There is no money in albums at the moment because of the high levels of piracy. Even if we released any album at the moment, it would just be a loss because people are pirating it so much and there isn’t any mechanism to put a stop to it,” he says.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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