4 sites to have aquaculture parks

FOUR sites have been identified for the development of aquaculture parks to boost fish production in the country, the African Development Bank (AfBD) has said.
The parks will have three aquaculture pond sites and one cage capture aquaculture site.
According to the Environmental and Social Management Plan report submitted to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA), and availed to the Daily Mail yesterday, the pond sites will be in Kasempa, Rufunsa, Gwembe and Mungwi.
The report says the project dubbed “Zambia Aquaculture Enterprise Development” is expected to contribute to economic growth and food security in Zambia.
“The project is aimed at improving the livelihood of rural households through enhanced aquaculture production and productivity,” the report reads.
The implementation of the project will result in improved incomes and social well-being of people, creation of employment opportunities through fish processing, and reduced trade imbalance.
Other benefits are improvement of environmental conditions through catchment management activities, capacity building, targeting local communities, youth empowerment, management of natural resources, value addition and fish processing and entrepreneurial skills.
Meanwhile, some of the components of the project are support to aquaculture entrepreneurs to strengthen their framework to spur increased private sector investment into the domestic industry by supporting emerging entrepreneurs.
Other components are support to aquaculture growth enabling infrastructure and project management.
At government level, the project will be implemented by the department of fisheries at the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries.
Other possible participants of the projects are the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Energy and Water Development, department of forestry, department of water
affairs, and Ministry of Communications and Transport, among others.

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