3,640 bags of maize delivered under FISP

GOVERNMENT has delivered 3,64010-kilogramme bags of maize seed under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) in Solwezi.
District agriculture coordinator (DACO) Muyobo Shimabale said this is against 12,000 bags of the seed allocated to the district in the 2014/2015 farming season.
Mr Shimabale said in an interview that 3,640 bags of three different varieties of maize seed have been delivered in the district.
“Yes, I can confirm that as a district, we have started receiving maize seed for the 2014/15 farming season and a total of 3,640 10kg bags of maize seed has been delivered and we are ready to start distributing the inputs to farmers,”  Mr Shimabale said.
He said all the necessary documentation for the purchase of the inputs by farmers through respective cooperatives has already been sent to all the 54 agriculture camps.
Mr Shimabale urged farmers to make payments as soon as the seed is delivered to them.
“We are actually set to start distributing the inputs to farmers located in areas which are difficult to reach so that they can receive their allocation before the onset of rains. We have actually commenced the process of engaging transporters to distribute the inputs,” Mr Shimabale said.
He said the district is also scheduled to receive 800 20kg pockets of groundnut seed and 500 by 10 kg pockets of rice.
Mr Shimabale said the district has already received 21,080 50kg bags of compound D fertiliser out of the 25,300 bags allocation.
He said urea fertiliser is expected to be delivered in the district soon.
Mr Shimabale said 12,500 farmers in the district are this year expected to benefit from the FISP.

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