$35m APMEP programme benefits 75,000 people

PEOPLE in rural areas depend on agriculture for their survival. PICTURE: ZANIS

OVER 75,000 people in six rural districts have benefited from the US$35 million Agriculture Productivity and Market Enhancement Project (APMEP) aimed at reducing poverty by enhancing food, income and nutrition security among participating households.
With funding from the Global Agriculture and Food Security Programme (GAFSP), but administered and disbursed by the African Development Bank (AfDB), Zambia signed the APMEP in June 2014 until March 2022 as a stand-alone investment project aimed at contributing to Government’s efforts of increasing crop diversification, productivity, processing and improving market linkages.
According to the latest project summary report, the project has three components, namely agricultural production and productivity, value chain development, and market linkages and institutional strengthening.
“An estimated total number of 75,000 rural people, including 33,750 [45 percent] women, are direct beneficiaries. The project components support each other. As a result, some people have benefited from more than one CLICK TO READ MORE

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