300 suspected criminals nabbed in Solwezi

POLICE in Solwezi district in North-Western Province are holding over 300 suspected criminals in connection with a spate of robberies and burglaries that have been recorded in the district in the last few weeks.
North-Western Province commissioner of police Auxensio Daka told journalists in an interview yesterday that the criminals were rounded up last week during an operation.
Mr Daka said police had intensified night patrols to ensure that people staging criminal activities were arrested and prosecuted.
“As you may know, we have had a number of break-ins in shops and people’s houses in Solwezi.
“We have also heightened our security and we have also heightened the patrols. On one particular night we actually arrested more than 300 people within Solwezi,” he said.
Mr Daka said police recovered various items from some of the suspects.
Among the items recovered were television sets, refrigerators, music systems, powerline cables, copper cables belonging to the mines, grinding machines and hammers which were being used to break into people’s houses and shops.
Mr Daka said some people were arrested for being in a drunken and disorderly state and were released after paying admission of guilty fees.
“It is these people who loiter late in the night that are involved in the break-ins in the night and these are the people that we want to stop,” he said.
Mr Daka said some suspects had been charged with being found in possession of stolen goods.
He has appealed to members of the public to work closely with the police to ensure that crime is reduced in the district.
“We are not getting enough cooperation from members of the public. The criminals are known. I would want to seriously ask our people to give us information so that we can pounce on these people that are stealing from innocent citizens,” Mr Daka said.
Mr Daka has urged members of the public with missing items to check for them at the Solwezi Central police station.

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