30 Mpulungu families remain homeless

OVER 30 families in four villages in Mpulungu have been left homeless after their houses collapsed during a downpour over the weekend, district commissioner Dennis Sikazwe has said.
Mr Sikazwe said in an interview on Monday that the affected villages are Mupata, Muzabwera, Posa and Kapata.
He said the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) is assessing the extent of the damage in a bid to provide relief to the affected families.
Mr Sikazwe said the DMMU has set up temporary shelters for the homeless families as it conducts an assessment of the damage.
“Some of the affected families are being kept at the homes of their village headmen while the DMMU has also moved in to provide temporary shelter. We are happy that no one was injured,” Mr Sikazwe said.

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