243 solar milling plants installed in 5 provinces

Solar Milling Plant.

GOVERNMENT has installed 243 solar-powered milling plants in five provinces in the country creating more than 1,215 jobs for the local people.
Government is targeting to install 2,000 more units of solar-powered milling plants country-wide to cushion the price of mealie-meal.
The milling plants, which are costing US$70,000 per unit, are under the management of the Zambia Co-operative Federation (ZCF).
ZCF business development officer Kelvin Simwendo said in an interview yesterday that the 243 milling plants have so far been installed in Eastern, Northern, Southern, Lusaka and Central provinces.
Mr Simwendo said the prices of mealie-meal have so far reduced in places where the milling plants have been installed.
“In places where these milling plants have been installed, we have started seeing the results.
“The cost of mealie-meal in these places has at least gone down,” he said.
Mr Simwendo said the milling plants, which have been installed mainly in Eastern and Northern provinces, have also created jobs for the local people.
He said each milling plant employs about five people who manage daily operations at the milling plants.
Mr Simwendo said some of the co-operatives that bought maize during the crop marking season are operating the milling plants on commercial basis while others are offering milling services to the local people.
He said most co-operatives have cultivated maize with a view to supporting the milling plants once they harvest their crops.
Mr Simwendo said this year, 165 more solar-powered milling plants will be installed in various provinces in the country to cushion the price of mealie-meal in the country.
He said engineers are already on the ground doing feasibility studies on the installation of the milling plants on the Copperbelt Province.

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