Football indaba way to go


FOOTBALL administrator Tom Siwale says there is no need to drag to court differences between Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) officials and aggrieved parties.Siwale said in an interview yesterday that if both FAZ officials and warring parties love football, they should find a common ground to iron out their differences.
He said this is the right time for FAZ to call for a meeting where everyone will air out their views and go to the annual general meeting (AGM) as a united family.
“Why all this acrimony when we as a football family can sit and resolve issues by calling on everyone, banned members inclusive, as they have affirmed to be interested parties, and allow members for and against FAZ exco [executive committee] to voice out their views,” Siwale said.
Damiano Football Club vice secretary Damiano Mutale and journalist Mabvuto Phiri obtained an injunction against FAZ to hold the 2024 AGM claiming president Andrew Kamanga and general secretary Reuben Kamanga altered the constitution without consulting members…