I don’t know Munir Zulu’s colour – witness tells court

A WITNESS in a case Lumezi Member of Parliament Munir Zulu is accused of using hateful words against the people of Bweengwa has told a magistrate that he did not know the law-maker’s ‘colour’.
During cross-examination, defence lawyers asked Boyd Himoonga if there was any tribe called Bweengwa.
“There is no tribe, it’s just a place,” Mr Himoonga said.Further asked what colour Munir is, the witness said: “I don’t know.”
This is in a case Zulu is charged with expressing or showing hatred, ridicule, or contempt for persons because of race.
It is alleged that on March 28 this year in Lusaka, Zulu uttered the words ‘I am a villager from Lumezi, but I can tell you that villagers from Lumezi are more intelligent than villagers from Bweengwa’…https://enews.daily-mail.co.zm/