No dowry, no marriage, couple told

A SECURITY guard who rarely went home after knocking off from night duty and his lover were told by Matero Local Court that it could not reconcile them because they were not legally married.
Priscilla Mwanza, 49, of Chazanga Township, sued Thomas Mwambazi for reconciliation following misunderstandings in their marriage.
“He hasn’t been home since February. Four days passes without seeing him. When he shows up, he just comes to change clothes and goes back,” Mwanza said.
Magistrate Mulenga asked Mwambazi why he doesn’t return home to his wife after knocking off from work.
Mwambazi responded by saying that he goes to look for food after work.
Magistrate Mulenga asked him if he returns home with a Mitsubishi Canter (vehicle) full of food considering the time he is away from home, to which he said no.
The court heard that the two started living together in 2008.
When Magistrate Mulenga asked Mwanza if Mwambazi paid dowry for her, she said he did not.
Magistrate Mulenga posed the same question to Mwambazi, who admitted that he never paid anything towards Mwanza’s dowry.
“This is a traditional court and we respect our culture, therefore muntu ngati sanalipile ya chikwati sichikwati ni manyengo chabe.
Sitingazi kamba pa bantu bamene bachita chigololo(if one hasn’t paid dowry then there is no marriage. We can’t be deliberating on your promiscuity),” Magistrate Mulenga said.
Mwanza told the court that she was living with Mwambazi at her parents’ home.
Magistrate Mulenga told her that Mwambazi was taking advantage of her by not paying dowry and staying in her parents’ house.
She advised Mwanza to kick Mwambazi out of her parents’ house.
“Let him pay something to your parents if he loves you. That’s when he will be serious with you,” Magistrate Mulenga said….