Kulamba ceremony returns

AFTER the cancellation of the ceremony due to Tropical Cyclone Freddy, who tore through Malawi and Mozambique last year, the Kulamba traditional ceremony, of the Chewa, will be held this year in Katete.
Kulamba traditional ceremony chairman general Chief Mbang’ombe said Kalonga Gawa Undi recently held a meeting with chiefs from the three countries where it was agreed that the ceremony be held this year at Mkaika in Katete on August 31.
“His majesty king Kalonga Gawa Undi has sent us to announce that this year, Kulamba traditional ceremony will be held,” he said at a media briefing yesterday. “Kalonga Gawa Undi confirmed this when we had a meeting on March 30, 2024 that the ceremony will be held on August 31.”
He said chiefs from the three countries – Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique – will arrive at Mkaika a week before the ceremony.
Kulamba traditional ceremony organising committee publicity secretary Lucas Phiri said last year the ceremony was cancelled because of Tropical Cyclone Freddy, who tore through Malawi and Mozambique killing hundreds of people.
“His [Gawa Undi] heart is always with his subjects, so last year, he saw it necessary to mourn with his subjects in Malawi, who lost their loved ones,” Mr Phiri, who is also Kalonga Gawa Undi’s senior induna, said….https://enews.daily-mail.co.zm/welcome/home