State pathologist testifies in manslaughter case


THE 13-YEAR-OLD girl allegedly mauled by dogs at a farm where her father works was found with 13 wounds, with a fatal cut through major vessels connecting to her brain.
State forensic pathologist Adam Mucheleng’anga narrated that the victim suffered multiple dog-bite injuries which she succumbed to.
Dr Mucheleng’anga, an anatomical pathologist, said the wounds in question were canine in nature, in that “they were produced by a canine animal”.
He was testifying in a case Shi Yaming, a director at Kingo farms, Lusaka, is charged with manslaughter after his 10 dogs mauled his employee’s 13-year-old daughter.
Mr Shi’s dogs allegedly killed Sharon Banda.
Shi denied the charged before High Court Judge Egispo Mwansa…