Social Influencers, content creaters, can change African Narrative

AFRICAN Influencers, entertainment and film industry producers have a unique opportunity to use the current technology surge to retell the African story in a narrative that will reinforce beauty and spur economic development.
What they need to do however, is be aggressive, intentional, focused and original in their content creation in the film, fashion and music industries.
“The reason why Hollywood excels is because they are aggressive and intentional. We have to be proud of the fact that we have so many diverse stories, and unique styles that are making other countries emulate us as opposed to Africa always imitating others, for example Amapiano and Afro Beats.”
South African Actress and good will ambassador for the United Nations high commission for refugees, Nomzama Mbatha, who plays the role of Nandi in ‘Shaka iLembe’, shared these sentiments with Ghanian Actress Naa Ashokor Mensah-Dakor in a session themed ‘Future of content’, designed to have African successful entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry share insights into what is working on the Motherland and what can be improved on.
This segement, which simulates a podcast interviewing style, was moderated by Nuseir Yassin, Chief Executive Officer at Nas Company and content creator at @nas Daily. Yassin recently hosted the Nas Summit Dubai 2023 which attracted 1,000 creators from 66 countries, where social media influencers discussed the unique role creators are playing to ignite Africa’s economic transformation.
The session was part of the ongoing African Business heroes 5th Summit held in Kigali, Rwanda on Thursday. The summit culminated into the African Business Heroes final pitch grand finale at the Kigale Convention centre Friday.
“I think what we need to do more of is tell authentic stories about Africa. It is very easy to be swayed by the Western story, but what I insist in the content I work with is originality,” Naa said as Yassin proded the two on the best form of art to use between relatively cheap social media productions and more expensive long form documentary and film.
While urging all entreprenures to continue producing on all available platforms such as tiktok, youtube and facebook, the trio also agreed that that there is a great need for high-tech high-budget production that can tell the African story.
“We can do both, have a lot of ticktokers produce lots of content, and have high quality US$2 million production that will compete on the international stage,” Naa said.
“The African story, told by African in the way Africans are. All the great stories about our humanity are found in Africa,” she added.
In May, Nomzano partnered with Zambian Influencer Roxy Zambia, Prime Paints and 8o8 Communications Network for the ‘Step Into Your Power Women Summit’ held in Ceila Resort in Chongwe.
Every year ABH organizes the largest entreprenures competition in Africa, where over 1,5 million is awarded in grant fund to the top 10 heroes, while several others receive mentorship from various organisations leaders who partner with ABH.