Pemba: CDF awakening sleeping giant



A NEGLECTED district, one would say of Pemba on their first visit to the town in Southern Province.

The town’s central business district still has some dilapidated infrastructure with colonial rusty iron sheets.

This rural district has experienced poverty through lack of developmental projects by successive governments. It has been a bother for many residents and visitors like this journalist for years.

However, as things stand now, there is a ray of hope in as far as development of Pemba is concerned.

In the last two years, after the increase of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) from K1.6 million to K25.7 million per constituency in 2022 and to K28.3 million this year, things have started changing for the better.

In next year’s budget, CDF has again been raised to K30.6 million per constituency. Pemba residents and stakeholders are elated with the development agenda being championed in the district.

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