Italy, Zambia set to revive old friendship



BACK in the 1980s, Zambia had an almost romantic relationship with Italy through the much loved Fiat car, which had become ubiquitous on the streets of Lusaka.

In fact, some of the models such as the 127 and Mirafiori rolled off an assembly line in Livingstone.

But Zambia’s relationship with Italy dates back to pre-independence period, when an Italian company, Impresit, was contracted to build Kariba Dam.

A good number of Italians contracted to work on the dam project remained and formed thriving communities.

The TAZAMA oil pipeline was also built by an Italian company, and it was the Italians who trained the first civilian and military pilots of the new republic.

But then came the political and economic upheaval of the late 1980s and 1990s that brought tremendous change across the globe, and Italy withdrew from much of Africa, including Zambia.

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