2 arrested for operating illegal clinic, drug stores

THE Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) has arrested two people for allegedly operating an illegal drug store and clinic at the University of Zambia (UNZA) and Ng’ombe township.
And ZAMRA has closed two illegal clinics and eight drug stores in Lusaka.
ZAMRA inspector Kelvin Mujelemani said in an interview yesterday that the suspects were arrested on Friday and Saturday.
He said ZAMRA shut an illegal drug store at UNZA, which was allegedly being operated by Oba Mudenda.
Mr Mujelemani said ZAMRA closed four illegal drug stores in Ng’ombe township and a clinic.
He said the illegal clinic was allegedly being operated by Alfred Mwape of Ng’ombe.
“This is not the first time we are arresting Mr Mwape of Ng’ombe. ZAMRA warned him the first time we found him operating the clinic and drug store illegally.
“He was allegedly masquerading as a pharmacist and a doctor,” Mr Mujelemani said.
He said Mr Mwape even advertised the clinic which he was illegally operating when it was not registered.
He was also allegedly operating an illegal under-five clinic.
He said in another operation conducted by ZAMRA in Chunga township, Raymond Mande was arrested for allegedly illegally operating a clinic and drug store.
Mr Mande was allegedly found with medicines belonging to Government and other controlled substances.
Meanwhile, Mr Mujelemani said ZAMRA has shut 31 drug stores and that 14 people have been arrested in the last 30 days.
He warned that ZAMRA will not spare anyone found operating illegal drug stores and clinics.

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