18 companies expected to exhibit at Agritech expo Zambia

EIGHTEEN companies from the Netherlands engaged in the poultry and dairy sectors are expected to exhibit at the Agritech Expo Zambia next month.
The 18 Dutch companies will also be accompanied by several Dutch knowledge institutions that are leaders in their field of expertise in agriculture.
According to, Netherlands Export Combination (NEC) director Joost van Dam said the firms are keen to provide capital, expertise and equipment to help the country realise its full potential in the agriculture sector.
“Dutch companies can provide some of the required inputs owing to the strong position of the Netherlands in global dairy and poultry value chains,” Mr Van Dan said.
He said the Netherlands has had long standing involvement in Zambian agriculture such as supporting agriculture training colleges in dairy and horticulture.
Through various business support instruments, the Netherlands is currently, supporting an irrigation scheme that primarily benefits small-scale out-growers.
Mr Van Dan said the firm will also share many useful skills with their Zambian counterparts involving production or technical knowledge for selected crops.
Other valuable skills relate to managerial expertise that enables farmers to operate their businesses.
He said for exports to enter into the Netherlands and Europe markets, a key requirement needed is certification hence; local exporters should comply with public and private standards that govern imports.
The upcoming Agritech Expo Zambia in Chisamba slated for April 27- 29, will feature a record number of six international pavilions from strong farming countries Germany, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Czech Republic and Zimbabwe, each showcasing their own specialised products and services to the agriculture community.

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