15-day walk for HH from Lundazi

IT WAS not an excursion for the faint-hearted. Three youths in Eastern Province grabbed the bull by its horns about a fortnight ago when they journeyed 748 kilometres from Lundazi to Lusaka on foot. Their mission was straight forward: “To raise awareness through the walk against armchair critics of President Hakainde Hichilema who are claiming that he has failed to deliver on his campaign promises.”This is despite Mr Hichilema being head of State for less than two months.
On September 30, the trio mooted an idea which saw them undertake the rigorous trek through some infamous places such as the Manenekela, notorious for accidents years back on Great East Road. While walking on this road, the threesome made stop-overs and had a message to deliver to people they found wherever they passed. They told motorists, villagers and whoever they could meet the importance of exercising patience in as far as giving time to President Hichilema to work before showering him with condemnations. True to their aspirations, the youths achieved their goal. On Saturday, they reached Lusaka after spending 15 days walking for President Hichilema. Bremina Ng’ona, 26, Suzyo Nyirenda, 35, and 27-year-old Harrison Banda feel it is rather too early for anyone to engage in finger-pointing. So their message was put across during the 748 kilometre walk. Mr Ng’ona, who is team leader from Lundazi’s Kanjala Township, says the trio undertook the tedious walk for 15 consecutive days. “We started the walk on 30th September 2021 and it took us 15 days to reach Lusaka. We never faced major challenges because we received assistance from people in villages along the way.
“And in instances where we reached urban set-ups like Chipata, we used our small monies to pay for accommodation,” he shares. ‘Good Samaritans’ in most villages where the three passed helped them with food and night lodging as they took advantage of the situation to deliver their ‘give time to President Hichilema to work’ message. The first leg of the journey from Lundazi, Mr Ng’oma explains, took them up to Mugubbudu village where CLICK TO READ MORE

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