When community is patriarchal

Title: As It Was – It Should Not Be
Author: Amon Mwalimu Nyirenda
Published: Amon Mwalimu Nyirenda
Printed: Zambia Educational Publishing House (ZEPH)
Editor: Magiya Manda
Pages: 248
Price: K100
LUSAKA – Amon Mwalimu Nyirenda’s first novel ‘As It Was – It Should Not Be’ is an exuberant ambitious insightful book that renders a peephole into the rigid, strict but rich Tumbuka culture and traditions.
However, it also reflects much of the mythical African communities that are centrally patriarchal and are governed by induced fear of the conservative gods.
The story is set in Lundazi District, Eastern Province, in the sub-district of Amusa on the Lundazi-Chama highway. And nearly all the events happen in Manyalo, one of the cluster villages in senior headman Magumuru’s area and at the Khonyongo Catholic Mission Hospital.
Nyuma, a lead character, is a twin girl-child born of Nyazigide after a life-threatening delivery. Unlike her twin sister Tangu, she is talkative, expressive and ready to curtly offer her little opinions in matters and concerns of the adults that she easily manages to both inform and irritate.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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