Debbie works on new music

GOSPEL singer Debbie, who since releasing a Christmas album in 2015 exerted her efforts towards her clothing line called Bwanadee, is now back in the studio working on new songs.
Even though the fashion line has kept her busy, Debbie cites the lack of a suitable producer for her relative quietness on the music side of things.
Her previous works where produced by Chippo.
“I’m working with DJ P-Zone and GEO on my new projects. I feel like they do great justice to my kind of music, and sort of understand my flow,” Debbie says.
“I’m currently working on a few projects this year, mostly singles. I have quite a few songs recorded but that should not be the reason to release them all as an album. For me it’s not just about having songs and slapping them onto an album, there’s a lot more to consider.”
Debbie will now have to balance her time between music and fashion. She has been running fashion shows at the end of the year for the past six years now.
“We introduced the complete beauty queen transformation last year where we pick any individual from the street and give them a beautiful make over,” she says.
“I’m hoping to do a lot of these transformations just to motivate the people on the streets, to make them feel loved and appreciated. I’m hoping a lot of people can come on board this year, so that it’s not just a one day transformation.”
Maybe that is the reason why she says she is not sure whether she will release an album or not despite recording a number of songs already and loving her new sound.
“To my fans, I’m still here. Never let circumstances change who you’re meant to be in life. Fight and keep the dream alive because only you can be you, no one ever will be you on your behalf,” she said in a message directed at her fans.

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