11 nabbed in varsity scam

POLICE in Kabwe have busted a scam in which 12 students have allegedly swindled Mulungushi University out of K230,000 in faked fees.
Eleven have been arrested while the mastermind of the scam, who is a fourth-year student, is on the run and police have launched a manhunt for him.
Central province commissioner of Police Lombe Kamukoshi confirmed the arrest of the students yesterday.
“So far we have 11 students in custody and they are in different years,” Ms Kamukoshi said in an interview. “We are still pursuing the mastermind, who is a fourth-year student, and we hope to bring him to book soon.”
The students are facing charges of forgery, uttering a false document and obtaining pecuniary advantage by false pretence.
Ms Kamukoshi said the mastermind allegedly introduced the scam at the university and lured other students into it so that they could be learning, getting accommodated and having meals purporting to have paid tuition and lodging fees.
Ms Kamukoshi said Mulungushi University management reported the matter to the police after noting that the money the students deposited in the university’s account at Finance Bank Kabwe branch and the deposit slips they presented were not tallying.
She said information the police have indicates that the students would deposit a small amount of money into the university’s account and after the bank slips were authenticated, they would add some zeros and words to indicate that they deposited the required amount of money.
Ms Kamukoshi did not disclose the names of the students as investigations are on-going.
She said indications are that the number of students allegedly involved in the scam is likely to rise.

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