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10,000 benefit from social cash transfer in Luwingu

OVER 10,000 vulnerable people have benefitted from the social cash transfer scheme in Luwingu.
District commissioner Patrick Chanda said in an interview that most households enrolled on the scheme are single-headed homes, while others are being supervised by people with disabilities.
Mr Chanda said widows, the aged and other vulnerable people have also been included on the scheme in line with Government’s policy of not leaving anyone behind.
“We are confident that all the vulnerable people in our district have been enrolled on the social cash transfer scheme,’’ Mr Chanda said.
He, however, appealed to the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services to deploy officers to the district to rectify challenges that some people are facing in receiving the funds.
Mr Chanda said the system by Zampost which requires all beneficiaries, including the aged, to walk to the offices to collect the money is challenging.
He said the ministry should revisit the process and consider taking the services closer to the people, so that the aged and physically challenged can easily access the funds.
“The old system is better. Government should revert to the old system and select a head teacher or a trusted person who lives closer to the aged and physically impaired to disburse the money to them,” he said.
The district commissioner said despite the few challenges, the scheme is working well as it is improving the lives of the vulnerable.
Mr Chanda said most beneficiaries are now able to pay tuition fees for their children, while others have started small businesses.
“The people are appreciative of the fact that despite the financial challenges Government is experiencing, it has strived to spare some money to help boost the lives of vulnerable people,” he said.

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