Zulu refutes Sata health remarks

MINISTRY of Foreign Affairs permanent secretary George Zulu has refuted online media reports attributed to him concerning President Sata’s health.
Mr Zulu, who is currently in Israel, described the remarks as lies.
He is quoted by an online publication as having said at a restaurant recently that President Sata is “very ill”.
“Normally l would not comment, but I feel really offended that I was at this nightclub where I said the President was very ill. In the first place, I don’t even drink alcohol, so what was I doing there?” Mr Zulu said.
He said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organises foreign trips for the President and that he is aware that he was fine when he travelled.
Mr Zulu warned that online publications can divide the country if left unchecked.
“These people are jackals bent on antagonising people. If they don’t want somebody they will create a story against that person,” he said.
Mr Zulu appealed to Zambians to ignore lies that have become the order of the day on social media.

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