Letter to the Editor

ZRA should waive nil monthly returns

Dear editor,
SINCE time immemorial, it is observed that Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has been reaping revenue from clients not in operation.
It is quite unfair for ZRA to charge a company with penalties when they have not had any business at all.
The entity can be registered with PACRA but to find business is a hustle for most companies.
The ZRA has rules which state that even if a company has no business, it should do a nil return on a monthly basis.
I’m of the opinion that such companies be exempted from being taxed for non-compliance, just by missing one month you are taxed heavily and with interest.
Where can such companies find money to pay ZRA? Failure to pay means no Tax Clearance Certificate will be issued to the affected company.
Let us help Zambian companies in removing nil returns unless that company is doing business.
ZRA management should exempt companies with more than two to three years submitting nil returns because it is unfair and quite unreasonable to tax inactive companies.

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